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College Football Recruiting

Our  Football Recruiting Program

College football recruiting can be a great way to get an education and play the sport you love at the same time. However, it is important to understand the college recruiting process and what benefits it can offer before making any decisions.

The college recruiting process begins with college coaches contacting potential recruits by phone, email, or text message. Once a college coach has made initial contact with a potential recruit, they will often invite the recruit to visit their campus. During the visit, college coaches will have an opportunity to watch the recruit play football and also get to know them better as a person.


One of the benefits of college football recruiting is that it can help you get an education. In addition, college recruiting can give you the opportunity to play football at a higher level than high school football.


Another benefit of college recruiting is that it can help you get exposure to professional scouts. If you perform well in college , you may have the opportunity to be drafted by a professional football team.


LEAD Prep Academy is an American Football Academy whose mission is to identify and recruit the best high school football players  to play for colleges and universities at all levels of competition. 


Thanks to our college football recruiting, we have been able to build a strong college football program. Our college football recruiting process is simple: we identify potential college football players who have the ability to play at the collegiate level, and we offer them scholarships to attend our school.  Contact us for more information today! 

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